Cointrapper – automated trading algorithm in cryptocurrency market to earn passive income

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How does it work

  1. Indicators and technical analysis do not fully work in the cryptocurrency image, so you cannot rely on them completely.
  2. We went further: we developed and created several unique algorithms, which have shown high efficiency in working on cryptocurrency markets, even with downtrends.
  3. The new algorithms use raw math, machine learning, and adaptive logic that relies on real data for a given pair of actual data.
  4. At the moment, the algorithm trades on different exchanges only in pairs with BTC and makes income in this particular cryptocurrency.
  5. The algorithms are also able to manage external signals and control news streams in order to make conclusions for buying or selling a particular trading pair.
  6. Constant monitoring and adaptation of the trading algorithm for all active pairs allows to maximize possible income and minimize risks.


  • Automated trading without human involvement, which means with minimized risks and cold-blooded transactions
  • Distributed budget with a focus on automated trading: 80% is used by a robot, 20% - by traders.
  • Unique algorithm Cointrap, which sets "traps" on several levels: buys at the bottom and tries to sell at the peak of the best price, using the latest technologies, including machine learning, as well as simple raw mathematics and external signals from news resources.
  • All algorithms are checked on real live data for a particular trading pair – Paper Trading or Backtesting before going into operation.
  • The minimum participation of the investor in the settings - we do all the settings and profit maximization ourselves, you just get passive income for the entire duration of the project.
  • Public distribution of dividends with confirmation on the BTC network and detailed reporting on all trading movements with indicators of profitability and / or loss ratio for all traded pairs.
  • The project trades in relation to the most stable cryptocurrency - BTC. Income only in BTC with full transparency of distribution in the blockchain.
Cointrapper Advantages

Profit calculator

Please enter the investment amount and find out how much you can earn. The expected profitability of the project is 150-300 percent per annum of the traded deposit in the system.

Estimated profit
*The calculation of this calculator is based on the current data of the network and is only an approximate indicator of the project's profitability from the investment amount at the current moment with an average return of 200% per annum from the investment amount.

How to buy

  1. Go to the site and register there
  2. Register on the site and log in
  3. After entering your personal account, you will be taken to My portfolio. Select the menu Projects
  4. On the projects page, you will see the Cointrapper project. Click Invest or "About Project" for detailed information
  5. A unique address BTC will be generated for you. Send the desired investment amount to this address
  6. After confirmation in the network, you will receive BRT tokens, which you can withdraw to your wallet after the round is closed in the menu Operation history


    • Preparation and launch of the project landing page
    • Start of fundraising through the BRT ecosystem
    • Launching a trading algorithm on Binance
    • First dividend payments through the BRT ecosystem
    • Development of a personal user account
    • Expansion of traded pairs
    • Launching a trading algorithm on an additional exchange
    • Optimization of trading algorithms to maximize profit
    • Closing all investment rounds
    • Entering manual trading in addition to automated
    • Launch of trust management of finances
    • Trust statistics in your personal account


What is BRT?

BRT is a special token that allows a project to find investments, and investors receive dividends on an ongoing basis that these projects pay. Cointrapper uses the BRT ecosystem to start and attract investments with the subsequent payment of dividends to all investors. Learn more –

Can I manage bot settings?

All trading settings are made by the project itself to maximize profits. Nevertheless, Cointrapper plans to launch the ability to launch individual bots and customize their strategies through a personal account.

What is the yield calculator based on?

The calculator uses the current indicators of the project itself and performance, as well as data from the BRT network on the current amount of tokens and its public price. The calculated profitability data are indicative, but as close as possible to real ones.